Am I a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Having multiple problems affecting your teeth can feel overwhelming and can negatively impact your self-esteem and quality of life. Enter full mouth reconstruction, a customized set of procedures designed to replace and rebuild your teeth so that you can enjoy improved function, health, appearance, and confidence.

If you’re concerned about the way your mouth looks or how it functions because of dental issues, contact New Teeth Chicago Dental. Dr. Irfan Atcha has decades of experience in healing, repairing, and restoring the mouth through full mouth reconstruction.

Candidates for full mouth reconstruction

Most anyone experiencing multiple dental issues can consider full mouth reconstruction, also known as a full mouth makeover. You might be a terrific candidate if you have:

Depending on the procedures required for your mouth restoration, you may also need to be able to tolerate certain dental procedures or types of anesthesia.

What does a full mouth reconstruction include?

If you believe you’re a candidate for full mouth reconstruction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Atcha. He may recommend any of the following procedures as part of your full mouth reconstruction:

Dr. Atcha works with you to achieve your aesthetic and dental health goals. In some cases, you work with a team of dental professionals, which might include a hygienist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon.

After your full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction works best if you’re willing to follow the care instructions that Dr. Atcha provides before, during, and after your treatments.

To make the most of your dental reconstruction, schedule routine dental exams and cleanings, brush and floss your teeth daily, and contact your dentist if you notice any signs of infection or decay, such as pain or inflammation. The better you care for your newly updated teeth, the longer and more fully your results can last.

To learn more, schedule a consultation at New Teeth Chicago Dental. We would love to help you get on the path toward a brighter smile you can feel confident about, and improved dental health overall. Call today.

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